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"What to Expect From a FINS Swim Lesson"

After signing up online for a swim lesson with FINS, you may be wondering what exactly happens next. At FINS, we work to provide the highest standard of swim lessons for your child and are dedicated to making your child’s experience run as smoothly as possible.

To help make your child’s swim lesson an optimal experience, we encourage you to read more about some expectations before, during, and after a lesson.

Before a Lesson:

Before coming to a swim lesson, we suggest bringing the following for your child: a towel, sunscreen, and goggles. Families can also purchase goggles from FINS when they arrive for their swim lesson. This can be easier for families because it can prevent the frantic searching the night before and falling short of finding a sufficient pair.

FINS suggests arriving 10 minutes prior to your lesson start time. Upon arrival at Old Natchez Country Club, the swimmer signed up for a lesson will check in at the front table with the FINS Administrative Team. This table is located under the white-covered pavilion, right before the pool deck gate. From there, swimmers will be introduced to their instructor, buy goggles if necessary, and then follow their instructor onto the pool deck.

During a Lesson:

At FINS, each child is matched with an instructor with experience best suited to the child’s skills and abilities. We believe that each swimmer should feel comfortable with their instructor and realize that they are passionate about teaching swim lessons. Our instructors know how to build trust with the child while also encouraging, motivating, and inspiring the student. To fully build that bond between the instructor and swimmer and allow the child to focus, we ask that the parents and guardians stay away from the pool deck during the child’s swim lesson.

After a Lesson:

Following the lesson, the FINS instructor will guide the child back to their parent or guardian. Then, the child will receive a small treat for their accomplishments and hard work during the lesson. Parents are welcome to ask instructors or the FINS Administrative Team questions after their child’s lesson about what specific skills should be practiced prior to the child’s next lesson. With the confidence gained in the lesson, the student can hopefully feel pride in showing off their skills, helping them become a better, stronger swimmer.

After completing a lesson, FINS encourages families to return for another lesson in order to develop their skills further. To fully benefit from swim lessons, FINS recommends that swimmers receive a minimum of 8-10 lessons over the summer, so that the child can build strength and stamina, while also gaining muscle memory.

FINS is dedicated to perfecting the art of teaching children and adults to swim. With this guide, you and your children can fully expect what a swim lesson with FINS at Old Natchez is all about.

Katie Knapp will be returning to FINS for her third summer! She serves on the FINS Administrative Team and works as an instructor.

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