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About FINS

FINS is a private swim lesson program operated through Old Natchez Country Club. Founded in 2020, The FINS Team is excited to be returning to Old Natchez for its fifth summer and looks forward to advancing the mission of our program which is to strive to offer high quality private swim lessons taught by professional and personable instructors who create a safe and fun atmosphere where children develop confidence in water activities. The name FINS is an acronym that stands for the four core values of the program: Fun, Instruction, Nashville, Swim. 

The FINS Story 

Erin Neilsen remembers her childhood summers by one distinguishing experience: swimming at the Old Natchez Country Club pool. Erin began learning how to swim through the Old Natchez Swim Team in 2008, where she fostered her passion for swimming. Upon finding her love for the water, Erin spent every following summer participating on the Old Natchez Swim Team, where she eventually served as Assistant Swim Coach from 2015-2021. While spending countless hours at the pool through working as a swim coach and lifeguard, Erin had families approach her and ask her to teach their children swim lessons at Old Natchez. Erin vividly remembers finishing her lifeguard shifts, and immediately jumping into the water to teach private lessons to families she had met. It was through teaching individual lessons to children at Old Natchez that she recognized a need for swim lesson services within the Nashville community. Erin realized that this need was so large that she could not provide services for all families by herself. It was at this moment that Erin knew she wanted to create a swim program that was bigger than herself. 

Leaning into the strong swimming network that Erin is part of through her involvement on the Old Natchez Country Club and St. Cecilia Academy Swim Teams, Erin approached other experienced swimmers about the idea of starting a swim program. Through the teamwork of Erin and her swimming peers, they developed FINS. Founded in 2020, The FINS Team has served 200+ swimmers at Old Natchez. The FINS Team is excited to be returning to Old Natchez to run the program for its fourth summer and look forward to working with your family.


Erin Neilsen with siblings Tyler and Hannah at Old Natchez, 2010


By enrolling in FINS Swim Lessons, our team hopes to develop your children into strong and confident swimmers who learn to love swimming at Old Natchez!

What We Stand For

Fun: FINS will strive to provide a fun atmosphere where children can learn to enjoy swimming. Lessons will include engaged instructors and exciting games, aiming to create a fun experience for children participating. 

Instruction: FINS will offer quality instruction to all children. Instruction will be taught by professional and personable instructors who will tailor lesson plans to each individual child’s personal needs. 

Nashville: FINS will focus to serve the greater Nashville community. Operating out of the Old Natchez Country Club pool, FINS will primarily serve Old Natchez members. Nonmembers will also be offered to participate in the FINS swim lesson program at the Old Natchez pool for an additional cost. 


Swim: FINS has the goal of equipping children with swim and survival skills in order to build strong, confident swimmers over the duration of the program. 

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