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Importance of Coming to FINS Multiple Times a Week

Updated: Mar 6

Here at FINS, when scheduling a lesson for your child, you have the opportunity to choose which days and times they will attend. We suggest that your child comes to FINS multiple times a week. Making swim lessons a consistent routine will allow your child to become more comfortable in the water and the skills they are learning. When you try something difficult, you want it to become easier over time. For example, if you want to improve your rock climbing skills, you do not go climbing once and become a pro. Rather, you come back and gradually improve your skills overtime; the same is true with swim lessons at FINS. When a child comes in for swim lessons more than once a week, they continue to improve and create good habits without falling behind or losing new skills. When children are in the water multiple days throughout the week, they build on previously formed skills and gain more confidence. With repetitive lessons and patience, children can grow more comfortable in the water while also building their strength and confidence. Additionally, the instructors have a better opportunity to know your child and grow a connection with them which is important for the improvement and confidence of the child in the pool.

FINS wants swimmers to have the best experience possible. It is our goal to help them leave each lesson eager to be back in the water. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each child is comfortable before, during, and after lessons. All this to say, attending swim lessons multiple times a week will allow for the best experience for everyone involved: children, instructors and parents. Each child will receive personalized instruction with an instructor they are comfortable with, and instructors will give the child and parents detailed feedback regarding development and progression of the swimmer. We cannot achieve this as quickly however, without seeing swimmers multiple times a week. Young children being in the pool several times a week will help establish a strong foundation of fundamental skills that they can improve and build upon as they get older. No matter the age or skill of a child, FINS is devoted to maximizing the time each instructor has with your child and growing their love for the water! 

Coach Edie Powell

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