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  • How do I register for private swim lessons?
    Register for swim lessons at FINS via To register, complete the following 6 steps below: On our website, first press the button that says “Book Your Lesson.” If you are new to the site, you will be asked to make an account as a parent before registering your children. If you are not new to the site, you can log into your previously created account. Next, review available private lessons on our calendar, and select a specific day and time for your lesson. Then, select an instructor’s name. Please refer to the question, “When registering, what instructor should I select for my child” for more information on this step. Click “Fill out the details'' with your child’s name and basic information. For the final step, press “Book Now” and you will be officially registered!
  • When registering, which instructor’s name should I select for my child?
    When you book a swim lesson, you will be prompted to select an instructor’s name. Do not focus on which name you select; select any instructor’s name that is available. The FINS Head Swim Instructor, Katie Knapp, will be reviewing your child’s registration information and progress at previous FINS lessons to ultimately select the best suited instructor for your child. There is no guarantee that the instructor you select when you register will be the instructor at your lesson. We rearrange instructors and children in order to better serve your family. All FINS Instructors’ are highly qualified, trained, professional, and personable individuals who have all received FINS Instructor Training.
  • What ages does FINS teach?
    FINS offers private swim lessons to all ages 1 year and older. We teach swimmers of all abilities, including children with special needs and adults.
  • Why are private lessons offered exclusively this summer?
    We have listened to our Old Natchez members’ preferences! Our members are seeking customized lessons for each specific child with personal attention. By solely teaching 1:1 private lessons this summer, FINS will give undivided focus to each swimmer during their lesson, while also emphasizing a commitment to safety by working individually with one child at a time.
  • Can siblings take lessons at the same time?
    Yes! If you have multiple children that are wanting to take swim lessons at the same time, book each child for their own individual swim lesson with a different swim instructor.
  • What are FINS' cancellation, refund, and rescheduling policies?
    Cancellation Policy: We request that you cancel your lessons before 7:00pm CST the night before your child's lesson. You can cancel your lesson directly on the FINS website or send the FINS Team an email. Families who cancel their lesson by 7:00pm the night before their lesson will not be charged a cancellation fee. If you cancel your lesson after 7:00pm CST the night before your lesson, you will be charged a $20 cancellation fee. No Show: If you do not show up for your scheduled swim lesson, FINS will still charge you the full price of the lesson. If you need assistance with canceling or rescheduling your lesson, please contact the FINS Administrative Team Rescheduling Policy: We do not reschedule missed lessons or lessons canceled due to weather. We encourage you to look at our other available lesson days and times to schedule another upcoming lesson! If you need help with rescheduling, please contact the FINS Administrative Team
  • What is FINS’ inclement weather policy?
    FINS will teach lessons in light rain. Lessons will be canceled for heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. We will notify families of weather cancellations via email.
  • Are parents allowed on the pool deck during the swim lesson? Are parents allowed to leave during swim lessons?
    Parents are not allowed on the pool deck or in the water during swim lessons. If you are wanting to watch your child during your lesson, we ask that you sit under the Old Natchez’s covered pavilion by the food bar. Children perform significantly better during their lessons without parents on the deck. If your child is crying or misbehaving, please refer to the question, “What to do if my child is upset or not behaving?” Additionally, parents are asked not to leave the Old Natchez property during the 30 minute swim lesson. Families who do not abide by this policy will not be able to continue lessons with FINS for Summer 2024.
  • What if I want to enter the pool with my child?
    Parents are not allowed to enter the pool with their child during a swim lesson. FINS instructors are highly-trained individuals and if they deem the situation to be unsafe or counter-productive, they will remove your child from the pool. We ask parents to remain under the Old Natchez covered pavilion by the food bar.
  • What if my child is upset or not behaving?
    It is important to evaluate before signing up for a swim lesson if your child has the capacity to complete a 30 minute swimming private lesson. This being said, FINS has experience with all different types of swimmers. It is normal for children to be emotional when they arrive at the pool for a swim lesson, especially for a first lesson. FINS instructors will continue to teach children who are emotional in the water. FINS instructors will use their best judgment under the guidance of Katie Knapp, the FINS Head Swim Instructor, to remove a child from the water and return him or her to their guardian if a situation is unsafe for the child.
  • If I am an Old Natchez member, how do I pay for lessons?
    All Old Natchez members will be billed directly to the member account for swim lessons.
  • If I am not an Old Natchez member, how do I pay for lessons?
    Non Old Natchez members pay for swim lessons via a check written out to Old Natchez Country Club. Please bring your check to FINS Administrative Team at the front table at the start of your child’s lesson each day. We do not accept payment for lessons via Venmo.
  • What if I do not bring payment to my lesson?
    You will not be allowed to start your FINS swim lesson until payment is given to the FINS Administrative Team. If you have multiple lessons scheduled for 1 week, you are welcome to bring payment for all week’s lessons on your first day.
  • What if I arrive late to my lesson?
    If you arrive late to a lesson, FINS cannot guarantee that your child will still receive the full 30 minutes of the lesson. Depending on scheduling and availability of instructors, FINS will do their best to add on extra time to your lesson if possible. Whether FINS has the ability to extend your lesson time or not, families still pay the full amount for the lesson even when arriving late. To ensure your child receives their full lesson time, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes before to check in and get your child ready to begin their lesson!
  • How do I contact FINS if I have a question?
    Please reach out to FINS via email to be in contact with our Administrative Team!
  • What should my child wear and bring to swim lessons?
    Please have your child dressed in a swimsuit and wearing a swim diaper (if applicable) prior to the start of lessons. Make sure to bring a towel and sunscreen for your swimmer! There are restrooms at Old Natchez that your family can use to change before or after lessons if needed.
  • Is FINS selling goggles this summer?
    FINS is excited to announce that we are partnering with FINIS, a swim merchandise company, to provide goggles for swimmers! Each pair of goggles costs $15.00. If your family is wanting to purchase goggles, you can buy them at our check in desk before or after lessons.
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