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Private Swimming Lessons: Start Early!

Over the past three summers working at FINS, parents often ask me when is the best age to start swim lessons for their child. At FINS, we begin teaching children at one year old. While it may seem scary or strange to imagine your infant taking swimming lessons, beginning the process of acclimating your child to the water at a young age is vital for their ultimate success and safety.

Though a one-year-old child does not have the strength or capacity to swim unassisted, beginning lessons at this age will enable the child to find greater success in swimming unassisted in later years. FINS swim instructors work with young children to allow them to explore the water in a safe way. During lessons, the instructors will gently splash or submerge the child, work on blowing bubbles, pour water on the child’s head, and assist them in back floating. All of these skills work to increase water familiarity. When a child returns to swim lessons year after year, they do not have a fear of the water since they have already been introduced to these activities at an early age.

As the child grows older, they will be able to progress and acquire safety skills in the water at a faster rate than if they had not done swim lessons prior. It is easier to instill skills of swimming and water safety in a child who is already acquainted and comfortable with the water.

While some may think it is too early to enroll your one-year-old child in swim lessons, FINS strongly believes that acclimating your child to the water at a young age sets them up for optimal success and safety as they grow older. It is never too early to begin to introduce the foundational skills of water safety to your child. Ultimately, you will be comforted with the peace of mind that your child is a strong swimmer and can confidently adapt in an emergency situation.

Our FINS instructors are here to help make the water a safe and fun place for your child. Join us in swimming during Summer 2023!

Hannah Neilsen: FINS Head Swim Instructor. She will be returning to FINS for her 4th summer in 2023.

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